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Investing into sustainability

A green vision creates business value

Without solid sustainability efforts, there is no space for outstanding long-term business achievement anymore. At Futureal Investment Partners we understand the significance and the market value of a green vision. We also believe in setting a good example by supporting sustainable growth. Whether it is a development or a refurbishment project we are putting strong emphasis on realization of the United Nations' sustainable development goals including:

Red Decoration Red Decoration

Creating a healthy and pleasant environment

Providing clean drinking water

Supplying affordable and clean energy

Creating sustainable cities and communities

Combatting climate change

Realizing attractive real estate investments with sustainability in mind

Sustainability is a key element of all our investments including developments, refurbishment and repositioning projects. We transform our assets into state-of-the art, environment friendly, human-centred and energy efficient buildings. Our work encompasses both environmental protection and the mental and physical health of individuals.

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ESG Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in our DNA. We are committed to sustainable operation, therefore we consider ESG-factors during all of our investments.


We turn our assets into sustainable developments that meet the strictest environmental standards such as BREEAM.

During the transformation of our projects, we minimise waste generation, energy consumption and harmful emissions, while helping to preserve the richness of the natural world.


Our investments create human-centred environments focusing on health and well-being of employees according to WELL rating system.

Our initiative includes the development of comprehensive health measures and protocols and the creation of a safe environment for visitors.


We operate under strict guidelines that cultivate transparency and diversity in everything we do.

We believe that different backgrounds, ideas, experience and approaches will maximize value we can provide for investments and our clients.